Nilson Exel


Nilson is an accomplished finance professional who spearheaded many transformational projects, consistently exhibiting excellence in execution. Nilson’s background spans Ultrapar, UBS, Paranapanema, Raízen, and JHSF, where he was the CFO. His business acumen and hands-on approach underscore Nilson’s ability to drive change within complex landscapes. He speaks Portuguese, English, and Spanish.

Ultrapar 2006-2012

  • Acquisition of Ipiranga
  • Acquisition of Texaco’s fuel distribution assets in Brazil
  • Acquisition of União Terminais
  • Acquisition of Repsol’s LPG assets in Brazil

Paranapanema 2014-2015

  • Debt restructure negotiation
  • Hedge and Hedge Accounting Policies implementation

Raízen 2016-2020

  • Greenfield investment to build a biogas plant
  • Greenfield investment to build two electricity plants powered by biomass
  • Acquisition of Tonon’s sugarcane mills under Recuperação Judicial’s rules
  • Acquisition of Furlan’s sugarcane assets
  • Acquisition of WX Energy, an energy trading company
  • Acquisition of Biosev

JHSF 2020-2023

  • Leadership of R$ 1billion-expansion plan, from designing capital structure to investment execution