Our Services

The power of good business.

By strategically shaping outcomes that transcend time, we actively contribute to the long-term prosperity of our clients, their stakeholders and our community.

Our multidisciplinary team brings a broad perspective to problemsolving, guiding our projects in an environment where our client’s participation is not just encouraged, but celebrated.

In the end, lasting impact is about leaving a mark that transcends time and resonates in the hearts and minds of those who work alongside us.


C-Level as a Service

At Ekko, we believe in unlocking the growth potential when our clients need to strengthen themselves to face market challenges. Through C-Level as a Service (CaaS), we deeply understand our clients’ businesses, and alongside them, we bring the experience and seniority of our team, developing robust processes in key areas such as Finance, Legal, Governance, and Compliance.

In this process, we develop a strong financial strategy with budgetary routines, financial planning, and identification of operational efficiencies, all while managing the company’s cash flow and cultivating solid relationships with banks and financial institutions. Ekko also assists our clients in establishing strong governance, preparing the company for potential M&A transactions, and access to the capital market.

Ekko’s CaaS is the way to ensure that our clients have access to state-of-the-art management, thus building solid foundations for sustainable growth.


Special Situations

We lead transformational projects. We manage turnarounds, debt restructuring, judicial recovery procedures, complex disputes as well as other crisis events like major accidents, reputational crises, etc.

  • Management Consulting Services
  • Fund Manager


When a company faces economic and financial imbalances, we spring into action by identifying the causes of these issues and subsequently developing strategies to enhance both operational and financial performance. We not only address the symptoms of the crisis but also tackle its roots, assisting the company in regaining stability and resuming growth, planning a diverse set of alternatives, including structured solutions. We can go even beyond taking interim management positions to make sure the solutions are implemented adequately.

Debt Restructuring

We assist in defining the appropriate response strategy and provide guidance in implementing this strategy, including the development of the recovery plan, negotiations with creditors, and mediation with other involved parties (legal advisors, tax experts, auditors, court-appointed administrators, etc.).

Judicial Administrator

Acting as a Judicial Administrator in judicial recovery, extrajudicial recovery, and bankruptcy processes, regulated by Law n. 11.101/05.

Dispute Resolution Management

A complex litigation needs more than a law firm. It is not enough to deal only with the legal procedure itself. In fact, a complex litigation can encompass multiple legal procedures and might need different lawyers. In addition to that, you will probably need a myriad of other professionals to support the process. Experts, accountants, financial advisors, PR Consultants, and Government Relations advisors. Being able to manage all this effort and all different providers, connecting them to the core strategy, making everyone work in sync, challenging and adapting the strategy as it goes, and reporting properly is our service.

Strategic Operational Support to Fund Managers

We provide strategic management expertise for Fund Managers to identify and manage special situation assets.

Fund Manager

We seek to set up and manage a fund that will have under-management assets with complex situations that require specialized management and tailored investment structures, where our experience and extensive network are key differentiating factors.


People and Leadership

We help senior teams and leaders to navigate the human side of transformation and change through dynamic team interventions, executive coaching programs, leadership assessments, and succession planning. We provide the service through our partnership with Andina.